Elemental: Water

Elemental: WaterWater is one of the basic elements. Water changes coast lines. Water rushing down a mountain after a very wet winter cannot be stopped. A tsunami resulted from an earthquake destroys entire cities in it’s path.

In this photo 100 yards beyond the shore the sea appears calm and safe. But it isn’t as shown by the force of the sea crashing against the shore.

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satisfaction is a successful photo shoot

Forever Red!You are always on the lookout for that perfect photo. You will never get it but you constantly strive for one.

I’m a point-and-shoot kind of photographer and I am always looking for a good photo. That makes me very bad company when I carry my camera.

There is great satisfaction when I see an approaching photo and I can raise the camera and fire when that photo arrives.

This usually happens when you are walking one direction and the photo approaches in another direction. You must be ready to fire when the photo is in position. You get only ONE try. Miss and the photo evaporates into the past.

This photo was easy in that it was moving very show while making a turn. It was difficult in that it was huge in the camera and you need to compose and shot in an instant.

This shot was a success and clearly satisfying.

It helped in that it’s RED. I love red.

Remember satisfaction is never a given. You must always be ready.

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Lifeguard Tower: Laguna Beach Heritage

Lifeguard TowerI would guess that millions of visitors to Laguna Beach have had their picture taken in from of our historic Lifeguard Tower.

At one time it was the headquarters of our Marine Safety department. Before that it was the office of the gas station that is across the street from Main Beach, the present site of the Lifeguard Tower.

I don’t how many times I’ve been stopped and asked to take someone’s picture in front of the tower but now with the selfie craze that no longer happens.

The Lifeguard Tower sits next to the boardwalk that runs the length of Main Beach. That too could possibly be another Heritage of Laguna Beach. It, for sure, is where we go to be seen. And to also sit and watch the world walk by since Laguna Beach has become a tourist destination for people around the world.

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