Graceful: A Richard Serra Sculpture

Richard Serra SculptureIf the Richard Serra very large steel sculpture, Band, doesn’t exist harmoniously with its surroundings then we’re in trouble. It’s actually an interesting experience to walk through this piece. It’s at LACMA in Los Angeles, CA.

To experience more Graceful works visit this page.

5 Replies to “Graceful: A Richard Serra Sculpture”

  1. Interesting shot. I cant’t tell – is this a super large sculpture are have you zoomed in on a smaller work of art? Nice work!

    1. Sorry I took so long to answer your question. This is a monster sculpture. There are two here. They’re installed on the first floor of a three story building at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They needed to install both sculptures while the building was under construction. They can’t be removed. They’re here for good. Because they’re in a confined space you really can not appreciate them.

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