Glorious Day In Laguna Beach At The BoardwalkDo you know what GDPR is? If you are a photographer or anyone planing a trip to Europe you had better get familiar with the new privacy regulations that went into effect May 25.

Here is a short essay on GDPR and how it will effect, maybe, photographers.

And here is a more detailed look at GDPR.  The author is not a lawyer and you and me both aren’t lawyers so any interpretation of this giant law can only add to your confusion. I do recommend you follow his advice or maybe not.

After reading the essay I have doubts about even bothering to travel to Paris. I have plenty of time to see how GDPR plays out in Europe. But currently I would say NUTS with them. I will go to Washington D.C. and New York.

The picture at the top of this post might not be possible under the GDPR regs. At least not without written permission from the couple.

Nothing is firm. I really don’t know what I will do.


This One Place Before I Die

parisForget the bucket list. For me it’s the one I have always wanted to go to and never have. In the Summer of ’62 I could have gone there and my parents would have paid for the trip. I declined. I know, I know, you are crazy. I just am not the adventure, travel type. I have and brother and sister that will quit their jobs and off they go. The sister has been around the world. Visited Antarctica using a twin mask motor-sailer. The brother once traveled to India via Europe and the Middle East.

Me, I went to Vietnam at the suggestion of the USMC. Ok, I did volunteer for the Marines.

Beside the opportunity to go to Paris in ’62 I also had 2 other invites. Yes invites! And turned both down. Actually I turned only one down (Money – didn’t have any.) and the other got tangled up in US government security issues. But that was more an excuse that could have been overcome.

So early next year I hope to really get to Paris. Again money is an issue. I may have enough but currently I just don’t know.

The plan is to go in March 2019 and stay for 30 days. Yea I know – good luck with that plan. Paris is VERY expensive currently so maybe a visit to Paris and other places in France.

I’ll keep you up to date. That’s all for now.