Photo Challenge: A Place In The World

The ExplainerI have no specific place in mind but I do have requirements.

This place must have great museums. Not one but several.

This place must have great schools.

This place must be multicultural.

This place must have great public transportation.

This place must have many public parks.

This place must have great architecture. And a place for all people – rich and poor.

Does any place in the world meet ALL my requirements? I fear not. Especially housing for all, not just the rich.

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About the photo: It was taken at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA.) This is the room with all their impressionists paintings.


Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Glorious Day In Laguna Beach At The Boardwalk
Street photography is all about the Unlikely. Either you’re ready for it or the unlikely passes you by. This means you always have the camera ready, in your hands with the finger in the shutter release.

Good street photographers are always ready for the unlikely. It’s that or go home and shoot the furniture.

So here is my contribution to the unlikely. The young woman spotted me at the exact time I spotted her. He, on the other hand (Pun intended.) was focused on her. I had just an instant to get the photo.

Looks like I did.

How unlikely is that.

About the photo: It was taken on January 21, 2016 which was Women’s Day and women were demonstrating all across America. This was after the event in Laguna Beach, CA. The couple was relaxing at Main Beach on the boardwalk. Always a great place for the Unlikely.

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Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Reflections During Sunset At Heisler Tide PoolsThis is a favorite of mine and another photographer in Laguna Beach. The photo was taken on January 11, 2017. I took over 400 photos that day – from early morning beach surf to this sunset.

What was unusual that day was the number of good photos I got, three alone at sunset. Not just the photo above but also the photo you see in the header (Go to the index page for this blog to see the entire picture.) The third photo you can view at my flickr site. It’s here. They were all taken in Laguna Beach at the Heisler Tide Pools. I was lucky in one respect in that the clouds help give me two sunsets. The first when the Sun went behind the lower clouds and finally the real sunset. The crowd didn’t show up until the real sunset started. So I had very few people to contend with. I don’t mind people in my photos but during a sunset they manage to get in the middle of a photo where I don’t need them. The one in the header is an example of someone enhancing the photo. With that photo I was afraid they would get up and walk away before I could get in position with the tripod and camera. As you can see they stayed and I got my photo.

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Photo Challenge: Story

Is It One Or Many Pictures

My favorite kind of photograph, though, is one that tells a story. A single image can encompass what would otherwise require a long written narrative — the characters, the setting, even the plot. — Jen H.

I’m quoting our moderator here because telling stories with your photo IS what photography is all about. Portrait photographers certainly do. Wedding photographers would go broke if they couldn’t tell stories. Even landscape photographers should strive to tell a story with their work.

So for me the highest complement someone can say about one of my photos is: “That’s a nice story.”

Can’t get any better than that.

The photo was taken during the Christmas at the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach. I think Christmas season is told by the Poinsettias.  You have a group looking at art. You have the group photo in the sleigh.  And the stranger passing through. And it’s all from ONE photo. No montage. No Photoshop tricks. I was walking past and took the picture with the woman taking the group photo as my target not realizing what else was in the photo.

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