Jubilant: feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.
synonyms: overjoyed, exultant, triumphant, joyful, rejoicing, exuberant, elated, thrilled, gleeful, euphoric, ecstatic, enraptured, in raptures, walking on air, in seventh heaven, on cloud nine

Doug Miller: Official Photographer of the Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade. Doug is always up. He is the perfect example of Jubilant.

If you visit Laguna Beach in the Summer take the kids to the Sawdust Arts and Crafts Festival. You can’t miss Doug’s booth. It’s right in the middle of the festival next to the stairs to the upper level. Look for the model trains.

Doug Miller. Official Photographer of the Patriots Day Parade

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Tide Pools Beneath Your Feet

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Tide Pool Invaders

This is a pretty common thing to do if you live near a beach. During low tide thousands of visitors to Laguna Beach explore our tide pools. We even have guides to help explain the care they need to take while searching for sea creators beneath their feet.

The tide pools are a fragile environment that is easily destroyed. So if you decide to venture out onto your local tide pools take care and be aware of what’s Beneath Your Feet.