Photo Challenge: Temporary

Quiet Time At Main BeachMain Beach, Laguna Beach, California, USA. There is no one to be seen. No one playing volleyball. No one walking the beach. No one getting selfies in front of the lifeguard tower. Just no one anywhere.

To be honest there are people here but there are so few of them it was easy to get a photo without anyone in the frame. In fact I wasn’t even trying to keep people out of the picture it just happened that way.

For Main Beach this is pure temporary. Laguna Beach is an international destination and we get visitors year round. I would suspect that within a short time there would be many walking the boardwalk and waiting for sunset.

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Photo Challenge: Peek

A Peek At Old, Old Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach is one of the older cities in Orange County, California. San Juan Capistrano is another.

What this photo shows is two of the oldest buildings in downtown Laguna Beach. Maybe the oldest but I’m not sure.

So what you’re seeing is a peek at the old Laguna Beach.

Where is it? It is on the upper end of Ocean Ave. If you do visit Laguna Beach be sure to walk Ocean Ave from PCH to Forest Ave. If you do then you have walked the entire length of Ocean Ave. All two blocks of her.

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Photo Challenge: Rounded

Walt Disney Concert HallThe ultimate in a rounded building the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. It was actually the first of of Frank Gehry’s designs using exterior curved skins. But because of a shortfall in donations only the underground parking and the concrete base for the concert hall was done for several years. During that time Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain was completed.

It should also be noted that without computer design software these types of exterior panels could never have been done.

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Photo Challenge: Glow

Colorful HatThis Summer I started collecting photo images of women’s hats. Especially the colorful ones. This hat was photographed during the annual Plein-Air Invitational we have in Laguna Beach every October.

The hat was especially needed as the Sun was very bright and the day was hot.

I think it glows. What do you think?

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Photo Challenge: Scale

171011-D042WI like photos that tell stories. This one shows various painters at work. They’re all plein-air painters. But other beach goers in the picture tell a different story. They could care less about the painters. But the primary focus of the picture is the painting in the center of the photo.  Placing this painting front and center and having it the primary focus gives it it’s importance.

If significance is determined by scale then the photographer on the far left is probably near the bottom of the significance scale.

The plein-air painters are part of the Laguna Beach Plein-Air Invitational held each year in October. Yes you must be invited to be part of this unique week long event.

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