Union Station, Los Angeles

Union Station, Los AngelesAs frames go it appears to be several. The primary frame in front is the large glass window with less important frames, arches, behind the window. Lastly there is another window frame at the end of the arches.

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Pink Ball Of A Cherry

All Aminals Must Be On A LeashThere isn’t enough humor in photography. I find that most photographer ignore the humorous situation. I don’t.

So this photo is both my contribution to the ‘Cherry on Top’ and to the humor that is all around us.

The pink ball is the final touch but what first attracted me to the scene was the leach on the dog AND the little girl. The fact that she raised the ball to her face was just the Cherry On Top.

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A Detailed View Of A Flower

Detail Of Carnation FlowerThe camera could only get within approximately 13 inches and that wasn’t close enough. So in Lightroom I did a very tight crop of the image. I also rotated the image 180 degrees. I wanted the¬†flower to be pointing up. I also like the yellow at the bottom.

Reminds me of something Georgia O’Keeffe would do but she was much, much better.

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Opposites Attract

Wall of Stone and WoodBoth wood and stone have been used in building construction for centuries, maybe even Millennium. The two couldn’t be more different. Wood is flexible and can be shape to fit the need. Stone is hard and resists the extremes of weather and will last for 100s of years. Stone is fireproof. Can’t say that of wood. Wood is light-weight where stone is heavy and not easy to transport. In many places wood is scarce and stone is just lying around.

But the two make great neighbors when used together in a building.

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