Solitude Of A Sunset At Lands End

The Soditude of a sunset at lands endThis turned out to be a long sunset because the Sun set behind some clouds before it diped below the clouds and it and showed it’s full self. This made the sunset manageable for us photographers.

This was taken at the Heisler Tide Pools in Laguna Beach, CA, It’s usually crowded here at sunset but because it lasted so long much of the crowd had left. This one person took advantage to watch a special sunset in solitude.

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The Ambience of the Beach and More

Love Is A Balancing ActYesterday evening here in southern California, and particularly Laguna Beach, was an extra low tide during sunset. To add to the ambience was our local rock sculptor Larry. This is one of his creations.

I was able to get the Sun directly behind the upper rock which is shaped like a heart.

I needed to come up with a title and what came to this grumpy old photographer was: “Love Is A Balancing Act.” How does that sound, especially for the ambience of this picture?

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Paradise Is My Name


170107-d023wCan’t prove it from the picture but Paradise was one block from the end of the runways at LAX in Los Angeles.


Especially the big 747s.

So I find it hard to call this place Paradise but the owners could.

Update January 10, 2017: I’ve changed the picture to a B&W.  I’m thinking this is a way to emphasize the building’s name over it’s colors. The name definitely pops out as a B&W image.

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A Path Too Narrow For America?

Restricted To The Trail

What’s the future for America? No one knows but we all seem to be able to predict it. For me the outlook seems a very narrow path. Stay on it and you will be OK. Stray off the assigned path could cause nothing but trouble for you.

Or so it seems. I personally think all the predictions for the 2017 will have some truth to them but will mostly be wrong. Aren’t they always.

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