Photo Challenge: Experimental

PCH At Ocean Ave
Pacific Coast Hwy at Ocean Ave, Laguna Beach, Ca

Since when I first picked up a camera (1958) I’ve done very little night photography. Why you ask? Because I shoot with 35mm cameras and enlarging a 35mm negative was tricky. Crop too much or just enlarge too far and all that grain in B&W Tri-X film shows up very quickly and detail is lost. Also you needed to go well beyond the rated ASA of 400 to get anything at night. I know, there were, and probably still are, developers that can push the film past it’s rated ASA. I just didn’t like that idea. Stick to the rated ASA was my mantra.

Digital is an entirely different animal.

With better and better sensors and the processors that convert the data from the sensor to something we can use, RAW, night prography is a real possibility. So out at night I go with my current camera a Fujifilm XPro-1. Every trip to the universe of Night is an experiment. I haven’t figured it all out yet but I keep experimenting and someday it will be second nature.

Now if I can only stay awake long enough to get those night shots.

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