This One Place Before I Die

parisForget the bucket list. For me it’s the one I have always wanted to go to and never have. In the Summer of ’62 I could have gone there and my parents would have paid for the trip. I declined. I know, I know, you are crazy. I just am not the adventure, travel type. I have and brother and sister that will quit their jobs and off they go. The sister has been around the world. Visited¬†Antarctica using a twin mask motor-sailer. The brother once traveled to India via Europe and the Middle East.

Me, I went to Vietnam at the suggestion of the USMC. Ok, I did volunteer for the Marines.

Beside the opportunity to go to Paris in ’62 I also had 2 other invites. Yes invites! And turned both down. Actually I turned only one down (Money – didn’t have any.) and the other got tangled up in US government security issues. But that was more an excuse that could have been overcome.

So early next year I hope to really get to Paris. Again money is an issue. I may have enough but currently I just don’t know.

The plan is to go in March 2019 and stay for 30 days. Yea I know – good luck with that plan. Paris is VERY expensive currently so maybe a visit to Paris and other places in France.

I’ll keep you up to date.¬†That’s all for now.