satisfaction is a successful photo shoot

Forever Red!You are always on the lookout for that perfect photo. You will never get it but you constantly strive for one.

I’m a point-and-shoot kind of photographer and I am always looking for a good photo. That makes me very bad company when I carry my camera.

There is great satisfaction when I see an approaching photo and I can raise the camera and fire when that photo arrives.

This usually happens when you are walking one direction and the photo approaches in another direction. You must be ready to fire when the photo is in position. You get only ONE try. Miss and the photo evaporates into the past.

This photo was easy in that it was moving very show while making a turn. It was difficult in that it was huge in the camera and you need to compose and shot in an instant.

This shot was a success and clearly satisfying.

It helped in that it’s RED. I love red.

Remember satisfaction is never a given. You must always be ready.

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