Reflecting The Sunset During A Low Tide

Reflections During Sunset At Heisler Tide PoolsSeveral fortunate things came together to get the picture of clouds reflecting off the surface of the tide pools during a low tide. When you can walk all the way out to Bird Rock that’s a low tide.

One fortunate event was all the clouds. Without them the Sun would have been too bright and of course there wouldn’t have been any clouds to reflect off the surface of the water. Another fortunate event was low tide during a Sunset. That’s what got me down to this site in the first place. It was one of those near zero feet low tides and it arrived during Sunset. Lastly because I knew I would be photographing during a Sunset at low tide at the Heisler Tides Pools here in Laguna Beach I brought along my tripod. I was able to set up on an area that was fairly dry. I set the camera as low as I could get it and because the camera has a tilting back I could still see what I was shooting.

It turned out the clouds reflecting off the surface was a happy plus. A really big happy plus.

I have admit this is one of my favorite sunset photos that I have taken at this location or maybe anywhere.

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