Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Reflections During Sunset At Heisler Tide PoolsThis is a favorite of mine and another photographer in Laguna Beach. The photo was taken on January 11, 2017. I took over 400 photos that day – from early morning beach surf to this sunset.

What was unusual that day was the number of good photos I got, three alone at sunset. Not just the photo above but also the photo you see in the header (Go to the index page for this blog to see the entire picture.) The third photo you can view at my flickr site. It’s here.¬†They were all taken in Laguna Beach at the Heisler Tide Pools. I was lucky in one respect in that the clouds help give me two sunsets. The first when the Sun went behind the lower clouds and finally the real sunset. The crowd didn’t show up until the real sunset started. So I had very few people to contend with. I don’t mind people in my photos but during a sunset they manage to get in the middle of a photo where I don’t need them. The one in the header is an example of someone enhancing the photo. With that photo I was afraid they would get up and walk away before I could get in position with the tripod and camera. As you can see they stayed and I got my photo.

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